Public lecture on the topic „Republic of Moldova – NATO cooperation”

4 August 2015

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Public lecture on the topic „Republic of Moldova – NATO cooperation”

IDC NATO from the Republic of Moldova organized the official visit of the representatives of Political Affairs and Security Policy Division (PASP) of NATO, Mr. Krisztian Meszaros and Ms. Tanya Hartman.

During the official visit the NATO officials participated on the 9th of March at the public lecture on the topic  „Republic of Moldova – NATO cooperation”. The event took place at the State University „Grigore Țambal” from Taraclia and was attended both by students and professors.

At the public lecture Ms. Tanya Hartman addressed the subject of the practical cooperation between NATO and other countries, as well as the values that guide this Alliance. The NATO official mentioned the fact that „Each country has the right to choose the method of defence and model of security it wants to follow”. Mr. Krisztian Meszaros spoke during his communication about the benefits of cooperating with NATO, pointing out what NATO can offer and vice-versa.

The NATO official mentioned that „The neutrality of a state doesn’t presume passivity on the political arena. Neutral countries can be very active in the domain of respecting and promoting human rights, as well as democracy”.

The students and professors discussed during the questions and answers session the relation between the Russian Federation and NATO, the Transnistrian conflict, the missile shield, the domain of disaster management, the right of ethnical minorities, the information security etc.

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