#1 Dialogue with experts: National Security matters during the pandemic

The Information and Documentation Center on NATO (IDC on NATO) from the Republic of Moldova launched a series of dialogues with national and international security experts to analyze how the pandemic influences human security, society, politics, leadership, good governance, international relations and what impact it has on national security as ...

The Partnership between the Republic of Moldova and NATO

On April 4, 2020 NATO marked 71 years since its founding. What kind of Partnership relations does the Republic of Moldova have with the North Atlantic Alliance? See how NATO supports the governmental and associative sector.

The study visit of the opinion formers from Hincesti and Telenesti to Chisinau

The Information and Documentation Center on NATO in Moldova (IDC on NATO) is organizing information activities for opinion formers from the Northern, Central and Southern parts of Moldova, aiming to raise public awareness of Moldova-NATO cooperation and to enhance the dialogue on this topic between the experts in the security ...

Opinion leaders from the regions on a study visit to Chisinau

On May 28, 12 local opinion formers from Rezina district and 8 from Straseni district had a study visit to Chisinau. During the visit, the participants visited the NATO Liaison Office in the Republic of Moldova, the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the Republic of Moldova (NATO Contact ...